Sunday, March 21, 2010

Taco Salad

The prices soar in this economic crisis.
Taco salads are more and more expensive. 
An excellent taco salad takes hours, if not days, to cultivate.   

The crisp shell, acting as hollow mound to protect the goodness inside  
The shredded lettuce, giving shape and adornment 
The red of the tomatoes: somewhere between a lava and a lust
The beef…and all its scrumptious juices… 
The seducing avocado - plump and tender  - always leaves me wanting more.   

I must note, I personally forgo the cheese; most of us in today’s society are lactose intolerant…bad for the tummy.   

Patiently, I bide my time for the purrfect taco salad to come along. 
And don’t be fooled, I’m always down for new variations.
However, I like to have an understanding of where it’s coming from and who helped it along the way.   

Oh, and never forget the splash of Tabasco. 

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