Thursday, February 23, 2012

New Segment - Small Business Blurb!

No matter what city you live in, it's important to find those places that you want to tell all your friends about.
Mostly it's that bar or restaurant that you went to on Friday night. By Monday midday your still dreaming about the not-too-sweet, perfectly mixed cocktail the bartender made (just for you!), or the tenderness of the perfectly seasoned meat in your appetizer, and you just have to tweet about it. However, there are myriad food and drink review websites and blogs (some nauseatingly self-righteous and annoying - Yelp - and some actually very helpful) so I will try to refrain from mentioning bars and restaurants unless I really can't help myself.

What I'd like to post here are the local or small businesses that quietly surprise me and whose existence I want to support, so I try to tell all my friends. So here goes a new segment to support small business! After all, who really wants to do all their shopping at Target?